Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Online Students

Freedom of speech and expression is valued not only throughout the society but also, and particularly, in the academic setting. Equally valued is the respect given to university computer systems and information technology. To that end, students will adhere to the following online code of conduct:

  • Access Global Leadership Association courses only for lawful purposes.
  • Respect the privacy of other members of the class and other students.
  • Respect the integrity of the Associations computer systems.
  • Respect the diversity of opinions among the instructor and members of the class and respond to them in a courteous manner. Electronic communication consisting of all caps, large font, or bold print may be considered unprofessional and a form of verbal abuse.
  • Maintain an environment free of harassment, stalking, threats, abuse, insults, or humiliation to the instructor and members of the class. This includes, but is not limited to demeaning written or oral comments of an ethnic, religious, sexist (or sexual orientation), or racist nature; and the unwanted sexual advances or intimidations by email, or on discussion boards and other postings in course shells.
  • Abide by all rules and regulations published by the Association and agree to be subject to disciplinary actions as described in the General Catalog.

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