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This is an effective restaurant training program including all the cycles of service, from the time a guest comes through the door at Searsucker all the way to the time they drive away. Good service starts with solid hostess training.

When most of us walk into a restaurant we hear, “Two for lunch?” We nod, follow the host, take the menu and forget about it. We expect that kind of service. But what if that changed? What if we experienced a host that truly greeted and not just seated us? How could that change our whole outlook of the restaurant and its service? Use your hostess training sessions to encourage your team members to consider that and brainstorm ways they can improve this first service and sales step

The overall learning objective of this class is to offer a clear and straightforward description of the basic functions and elements related to logistics and distribution. The appreciation of the scope and importance of logistics and the supply chain has led to a more scientific approach being adopted towards the subject. This approach has been aimed at the overall concept of the logistics function as a whole and also at the individual sub-systems. Much of this approach has addressed the need for, and means of, planning logistics and the supply chain, but has also considered some of the major operational issues.

Learn to be a leader through this dynamic program  by studying the underlying tools to make you an effective global force.   This program is uniquely designed to help you broaden your understanding of what leadership means in a global society, and gain skills necessary to make a difference and initiate change. Through this program, customized to you, you will be empowered to lead and succeed in our global and multicultural world.